If your home or condo has Kitec plumbing in it, you need to remove it and replace it immediately.

What is Kitec Piping?

The homebuilding and plumbing industry started using Kitec between 1995 and 2007 as an alternative to copper piping for drinking water pipes. It was introduced and marketed as a corrosion-resistant metal, but it turned out that the opposite was true. Not only did it corrode much more rapidly than copper, but it is thought by industry experts that there would be pipe failures with Kitec plumbing. Unfortunately, the Kitec piping did fail bringing about a class action lawsuit, from homeowners with Kitec, to help cover some of the massive costs of repair.

In 2005 there was an industry-wide recall for Kitec plumbing replacement and subsequently, is no longer use today. The only practical and long term solution for those who have Kitec plumbing is to replace it with copper pipes, PEX and wirsbo.

Do you have Kitec plumbing?

Most Kitec plumbing used a bright blue or bright orange, which indicated which pipes were for hot and cold water. However, some pipes came in other colours, such as grey, black, red and blue. Visible fittings may be stamped with KTC or Kitec. There are approximately ten different brand names of Kitec, such as PlumbBetter.

The most accessible place to check out your pipes would be near the hot water tank, or beneath the kitchen or bathroom sinks.

What should I do if I have Kitec plumbing?

If you find that you have Kitec plumbing, we suggest dealing with it immediately to avoid the potential for flooding.

Regrettably, the removal of Kitec plumbing and replacing it with copper is a long and expensive process. The repair could take several days depending on the size of your home or condo. Unfortunately, the removal of the pipes usually involves taking out drywall and sometimes even flooring.

Due to the extent of these repairs, there have been numerous lawsuits across North America. In 2011, there was a class action suit filed, which has led to a $125 million (US) settlement fund being established. If a claimant wishes to submit you have until January 2020 to do so.

Potz Plumbing Can Help with Your Kitec pipe replacement

As a master plumber, we are very familiar with the Kitec system and have seen our fair share of plumbing issues causing water damage.

Discovering you have Kitec plumbing is awful news to, however, it is better to find and fix it before the pipe fails, which will create even more work and cost a lot more. At Potz Plumbing we treat every customer with respect and care they deserve, offering full-service plumbing at reasonable rates. If you have discovered you have Kitec, call us today to discuss your options

And not to worry, after all the pipe replacement is completed, Potz Plumbing will re-drywall and finish the affected areas, leaving your house in pristine condition.