Project Description

A bathroom renovation is one of the most popular home renovations for a home and for good reason! Fun fact: you will spend almost two years in your bathroom throughout your life. Make those years more enjoyable by giving yourself the bathroom of your dreams! At Potz Plumbing, A Brantford based business, we have completed 150+ bathroom renovations and plumbing projects for home builders and owners, all on time and budget with our keen attention to details.

Adding a bathroom or renovating your current bathroom will increase your home’s value and functionality of your home. This investment will save you frustration and time down the road!

Potz Plumbing is an owner operated business, and we pride ourselves on being one of the best remodeling companies in the Brantford area. We’ve completed over 150 bathroom renovation and plumbing jobs in the last ten years, bringing to life design concepts and completing projects on time. As bathroom renovations contractors we have the experience to get the job done right for you.

We can even work closely with bathroom designers to transform every inch of your space, making sure your bathroom renovation produces the bathroom of your dreams.



Bathroom renovations are no longer a luxury. In today’s Brantford booming real estate market, bathroom additions or renovations is a wise investment. One big reason buyers will consider walking from your offer is if your house does not have enough bathrooms. Even if you are looking to stay in your home, improving or adding additional bathrooms is a practical and convenient decision.

By being an owner-operated business, we can help you save you an average of 25% off previous renovation bids. We have cut out the middleman between suppliers and contractors, which means you will receive high-quality renovations for 75% of the cost.

We also offer free in-home consultations to discuss your upcoming project and can provide you with a free online estimate.


We know we can solve any predicament you may be facing with our creative solutions. We recently encountered a big problem with a family in Brantford. The family wanted to renovate their current bathroom while adding a new one. This posed an obvious problem as the family would be living in the home during the construction.

Our creative solution was to add the second bathroom first, so they would have a functioning bathroom at all times.

If your family has a limitation that affects your bathrooms, we are more than happy to meet with you to find a solution. We want to provide our clients with a bathroom and home that makes their life more accessible and enjoyable.

At Potz Plumbing we want to help you with your bathroom project from start to finish. We can assist you with design ideas, floor install, bathroom cabinets, bathroom vanity, all your plumbing needs and more.

Whether you are a home owner or home builders, we will work with you form start to finish, with our attention to details, to complete your bathroom project and deliver the bathroom of your dreams.

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